About us

Altop Products brings new solutions to life. By developing patented designs and getting them ready for market, we create new solutions for the industry. Our designs and products have been developed with the greatest care and expertise. Seasoned engineers work together with young talent to create products that unburden the industry.


We are part of Altop Group. Together with our sister companies Altop Kunststoftechniek and Altop International, we are located in Beek (Montferland). Although the four companies have their own identity and core activities, we work closely together. For example, we have our own engineering, production, logistics and assembly. The marketing and administration departments are also centrally regulated. The strength of this collaboration is that all knowledge and skills are in-house and can be shared with each other. By making use of each other’s knowledge, processes and people, we can provide our customers with high-quality advice, products and service in all facets of a project.

info@altopproducts.nl +31 (0)316 82 00 20